Our systems and services are forward-thinking, easy to implement, intuitive to use, meticulously executed, and designed to be force multipliers for your enterprise—making your efforts, your time, and your dollars more productive. And it all begins with an in-depth analysis of your unique needs: you’re not a cookie, so we don’t use cookie-cutter solutions. Put us to work, and we’ll help you work more effectively.

Custom and Web-based Applications

Vinformatix builds custom and web-based applications that do the heavy lifting for you while remaining easy and intuitive to use. We closely analyze your requirements and workflows to design software to help you get the job done better and faster.

Using proven agile processes, we put a working system in your hands in the shortest time possible. Then, we listen carefully to your feedback to further refine the fit. As your technology partner, we’re not happy until you’re delighted.

Our flexible, open architecture expands in capability as your needs grow, without requiring expensive rebuilds. Our applications can be designed to stand alone or work seamlessly with your other systems. We can also integrate GIS-based features such as tracking, geofencing, and multiple map layers. From smaller task-specific applications to enterprise-wide critical systems, Vinformatix creates software solutions to drive your success.

  • Application Design and Development
  • Mobile Apps (Cross-platform or Native iOS / Android)
  • GIS / Location Service Solutions (ESRI or Google Maps)
Websites and

Our custom websites and portal systems are super-intuitive and beautiful to look at—but they’re more than a pretty [inter]face. Behind the scenes, they get REAL WORK done—dynamic content, automated workflows, eCommerce transactions, robust reporting, and state-of-the-art security.

Our user-friendly desktop and responsive mobile apps save money, time, and headaches because they require almost no training and invite easy adoption. They integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and are scalable and flexible to accommodate your future growth. And our straightforward Content Management Systems allow your in-house non-technical staff to manage and expand content moving forward.

From focused eCommerce websites to large-scale multi-site systems with international reach, our web-based solutions help businesses, organizations, and government agencies to deliver better outcomes for their customers and constituencies.

  • Website / Portal Development and Maintenance
  • Responsive Website design
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Content Management Systems
Legacy System Reengineering and Modernization

Vinformatix can optimize, integrate, and maintain your current systems—fix what isn’t working and enhance what is. We analyze your current set-up against your business needs and the available technologies. Often, it is possible to reengineer specific components using newer, more capable tools, resulting in both stronger systems and better workflows.

We especially look for opportunities to increase efficiency so that data can be entered once and flow easily between all necessary components. We seamlessly link diverse systems and services into a unified workflow, and we can integrate any 3rd party APIs. We rigorously manage data migration to new platforms so that all your critical information gets where it needs to be.

Our user-friendly interfaces ensure smooth transitions to new technologies. Our end goal is to improve application performance, enhance user experience, and boost critical outcomes for your organization—with no downtime or lag in services.

  • Systems Integration
  • Legacy System Reengineering
  • Software and Systems Maintenance
Data and

Information is the lifeblood of the enterprise, and Vinformatix helps you to leverage data and analytics to drive your organizational objectives and growth. Our flexible data models provide maximum options for analysis and reporting, while our interactive dashboards encourage easy and regular engagement with critical datasets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our database architectures integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and easily accommodate future growth and enhancements. They also export information in all common formats for external processing and presentation. And, at every step, we keep a rigorous focus on data security, integrity, and completeness.

  • Database Development
  • Data Migration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboards