Visualizing Revenue and Cost Drivers


VGraham, a financial services firm, developed a dashboard that displayed a client’s financial information in an intuitive way, and updated on a monthly basis. The dashboard required a lengthy and inflexible ETL process to prepare the data updates, and any change to the dashboard required considerable development time. Furthermore, the dashboard was difficult to read and lacked a coherent design.

Vinformatix renovated the dashboard by giving it a new design, new visualizations, and a new process for updating data. The data update process was migrated from a highly deterministic ETL process into a more adaptive Python scripting process. Vinformatix also took over dashboard deployment.

With the new data update process, VGraham no longer needed to re-invest in additional ETL processes or manual editing of spreadsheets in Excel to upload new data into the client’s dashboard. Instead, the team simply sent datasets to Vinformatix, where the data preprocessing scripts could be edited on the fly if there were any minor changes to the datasets from month-to-month. The redesigned dashboard greatly improved the readability and intuitiveness of the dashboard as well, helping VGraham to better serve the client’s reporting needs.