HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Health Records System


MedSonic is an award-winning electronic health records system (EHRS) developed by Vinformatix for a physician’s group that needed a solution tailored to their patient workflow. The existing “one-size-fits-all” systems were unwieldy, difficult to use, and included too much non-essential functionality. In fact, they took time away from patient interactions, because doctors had to navigate through so many unnecessary screens and fields to enter critical data.

To design MedSonic, Vinformatix observed the physicians onsite at the hospital as they interacted with patients and conducted follow-up. This process helped us to understand what information the doctors needed to capture and in what order. We then built a streamlined system that tracked closely with their patient exam workflow, providing a highly intuitive user experience for them with no barrier to adoption. MedSonic also integrated seamlessly with all the labs, pharmacies, patient education systems, and communication modules that the doctors relied on for comprehensive patient care.

MedSonic demonstrates our ability to design user-friendly software that meets the highest security and privacy standards: the system was awarded federal Meaningful Use certification, which includes compliance with all HIPAA requirements. The application has been used to document and manage up to 6,000 patient encounters per day by a user base of 100 doctors and nurse practitioners. In recognition of its innovation and excellence, MedSonic was named Technology Product of the Year by the Louisiana Technology Council.