Baton Rouge General Medical Center needed a tool to better track and manage patient discharge and disposition across multiple hospital units. The system would integrate with existing patient admissions software leveraging HL7 messaging, providing end-to-end documentation and accountability for hospital administration and fostering improvements to patient satisfaction and medical outcomes. It would replace an expensive, inflexible off-the-shelf system that proved too cumbersome to provide actionable intelligence. in the New Orleans area for construction activity and other events. The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East historically had used a paper-based application process, which often resulted in delays and a large backlog of requests. Adding to the bottleneck, final permits required approvals from two additional government agencies—one federal, one state.

Vinformatix designed this HIPAA-compliant, role-based system to channel patient treatment and real-time medical status data to nurses within multiple hospital units. Upon patient discharge, the system applies collected data to generate specific protocols for outpatient treatment and intelligently schedules patients’ follow-up visits based on feedback from hospital staff and the expected schedule of recovery for each patient's specific condition.

The system then generates customized questionnaires based on the patient's condition, prescribed treatments and observed outcomes in order to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback on the patient experience and employee or unit-level performance. Finally, aggregate data from these surveys iscaptured and delivered in part or in whole as custom reports to various approved parties based on profile permissions.